Saturday, January 16, 2016

The atomic character of scootering

    Just a brief, late night analogy. Imagine some crystal structure, each atom oscillating on it's own, whitin the molecules,  all tightly hold together by bonds. Now break it all down to a single atom, though there's no doubt it's the key element, when isolated, there's not much use of it. Also if there are some dents in the structure, lets say just few atoms are missing, the effect might be detrimental for the structure as a whole.
    Right, that was put pretty straight-forward-scootering is not about shameless self-presentation, it's just as much of a social activity, as it might be sport for you or art for me. Thus, if you want to support the community as a whole, you'll have to approach its broader structures, not just individuals.
   Would there be no crews, no locals, no homies, no squads etc. , there would be no scootering.


text by Juraj Klas
Photos by Juraj Klas, Tobias Mayer & David Tiefenthaler

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