Monday, December 19, 2016

Split,splitting irony & Zagreb

     Without really remembering how the idea came into existance, I ended up taking a bus to Zagreb to meet with Goran. The rough plan was to get down south to Split the next morning,  where Madis should have been awaiting us. 

 Since entropy leads to disorder, you should never underestimate the chance that something will go wrong. Whenever possible, life will tease you with heavy doses of irony and nonsense.

   Well, to get started, after my arrival to Zagreb, I've sat on a bench in front of station, waiting for Goran's train to arrive. Only after two hours, when his train arrived and I set off to meet him, I got to see that the bench had " scooters suck" written on it. 

   But even after leaving Zagreb in favour of Split were we not spared of irony's claws. After Goran stripped a clamp on his prehistoric bars ( they are super cool and look mean despite of that ) and some hostel drama, I managed to split my shin at the very first spot ( I literally split my shin in Split ). So after a lenghty wait at emergency, my leg got stiched up and we finished the day by picking up Madis, who actually did arrive.

    Now to cut it short, seeing Goran and Madis sesh it, I couldn't resist and got my crippled self into some riding. Split experience was crazy, and we ended up having some silly good times. 

    Scooters suck, but hell, they rule! It's like the schrodinger's cat, dead and alive at the very same time. Thanks to scootering, and many many thanks to superhuman beings,who Madis and Goran indeed are. 


* also, go peep the vid!