Saturday, May 24, 2014

Olivia Monks: Photo Release

This Roll of film has traveled from florida to California, but it captured all rad people.
Scootering has Brought me to meet some of the coolest people, along with shooting some rad photos.

Jona Humbel

                                                  Jona Throws down the gnarliest tricks                              Falling hard goes with doing gnarly tricks

Joe Calzon


Casually chilling on a boat.                                                                                     Got the climb it to win it.

Joe battles the big set.

                                                                                                       Chandler Marshall


getting speed on the back trail of is house.                                                                             Shortening his life span with cancer sticks.

                  Giving the duck a hard time, not realizing what the duck is really capable of .

Damn good Pizza by the slice.



                                                 KC korning Ripping the Super long TSI down a rail
At Claremont.

ChiefCeeb (Cole Ginter) & 
    Collin Niesen Of peachy.

   Isaac Miller Lip slide

Jake Sorensen Lip slide

Friday, May 23, 2014

Light painting

There is something about analog black & white photography, that is hard to catch, hard to describe. There is a feeling, you will not achieve with a digital SLR camera and each shot is telling you a story, that wouldn't be told if the picture would be coloured. For me, shooting in black and white (and the endless grey tones inbetween) means bringing out the rather raw and art side of photography. And at the end of the day, photography is a damn art; just like painting or making music. It is light painting - photo graphy.

Zagreb, Croatia, train station: so many possible ways to go...

Music engraved in vinyl

A storm passing through....

Juraj taking full advantage of this perfect table/bank setup...

...and getting some booze at another VIE spot.

After the storm

the sun & the glass

photos and text: David Tiefenthaler

Monday, May 19, 2014

Alternative Photography: The Cyanotype Process

Through my work in a museum here in Slovenia, I also had the pleasure to learn a lot about alternative photography and its extraordinary possibilities compared to your average digital photos. The term alternative photography is actually not used for analog photography (which has been the most normal thing until like ten years ago digicams appeared), but for much older forms of photography, that go back until 1839, when the first "light writing" was presented to the world.

Besides digital and analog photography (on film), there are a lot of different techniques of how to make a photo. But all of these can be broken down to two elementary things you need: a camera and a light-sensitive plate. Most of this photographic processes produce a negative, that has to be then transformed into a positive print, for this step you have again a whole load of different processes. One of them is the cyanotype process.

Maybe you have already came across a cyanotype, it is a print in intense blue colors, also called prussian blue. It was invented by John Herschel in 1842 and is pretty much unchanged since then. All you need are two chemical solutions (potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate), a negative and sunlight. When mixed, the two solutions are getting sensitive to light. Just apply the liquid to a piece of high-quality paper, dry it with a fan and then contact-print your negative in the sun. The exposure time varies between 5 to 15 minutes, depends on the negative.

To sum up all this scientific stuff, I just suggest you to try it out. Cyanotypes are probably the easiest process when talking about alternative photography, and the results can be awesome. Also you get the chemicals either on the internet or in better photography and film shops. Getting the right paper and exposure needs some experimenting, but hey, in the end, thats what it's all about!

Some middle format negatives and a leaf enjoying a sunbath

There is no need to fix the prints with chemicals, water does it all

6 x 6 cm middle format negatives turned into blue positives

This print was done with a digital negative, printed on a transparent plastic sheet. As you can see on the edges and in the grainy picture, I used the wrong paper haha

Getting the exposure right for every frame is impossible, but some of them turned out quite good.


text and photos: David Tiefenthaler

Monday, May 12, 2014

Konstruktor News

I recently got back the last roll from my Lomo Kostruktor from the laboratory. It's good to see that slowly I am getting to grips with this camera, almost every shot is good in one or the other way, while the first roll was more or less all black. Because of the lack of adjustment possiblities, the Lomo reacts in its own way to different light situation. But shoot a few rolls of that good good film and you'll get a feeling for the thing! This selections features more and less good shots from three different places I have been to during the last months, in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

Juraj scores an overcrook on one of this smooth marmor benches in Vienna. Who tells you benches are for sitting?

This are the woods behind the place I work at in Ljubljana. Quite in the city centre and still wild nature. 

The sun begins to set: island Pag, Croatia

some daisyfield in Vienna 

While taking the shot, the security approached me and told me not to make a picture of the building. Accidentially pressed the release button.
Where the magic happens: working in the darkroom.

Blurred the candles...

Zagreb, Croatia: it was way too early

Ljubljana's spring is quite good. Alright I would say.

text and photos: David Tiefenthaler

Monday, May 5, 2014

Diffusion of light into dark space

I've been accompanied by a little rangefinder minolta at my journeys for quite a while now, and since it normally takes me longer to finish a roll of film, developing it afterwards often brings many surprises. 
Just about that, enjoy this moody selections and top it maybe with few hazy tunes.