Monday, February 24, 2014


Inside the BCN scene

As our lil project is growing and growing, Iñaki Gil from Barcelona hit us up and offered us to send over some analogue pictures from his adventures in BCN. Seeing pictures shot in a city which some describe as the "holy grail of street spots" is always a pleasure, and so we felt honored and agreed.

But when I saw the shots Iñaki sent us, I was truly overwhelmed, they really seem to give an insight and transport the feeling of riding, chilling and living in Barcelona. The scene over there is really tied together - especially the Haske family - and get down to get some shred regularly.

Enjoy an insight in one of the coolest, down-to-earth scenes on the planet, living in one of the best places for riding scooters on the planet.

Black and White

Good friend Joan Margarit organized a barbecue before he left Barcelona to study in the United States, the session started as soon as we spotted this pool.

Barcelona, Sants.

Ruben Rodriguez in Macba.

Javi Trepat, one of the first guys to ride a scooter in Spain.

This photo portrays perfectly how Yago & Sote connect, I can imagine almost imagine the conversation.
Sote King & Dani Cardona.

Jeremy Lanfranchi is living at the Haske House, stoke!!!

Dani Cardona in Paral-lel
Jonas Kjaer will marry his vx.

Dani invited me to his house in Masnou, I stayed 2 days but I've got 20 stories of the weekend haha.


Dani, Sote & Javi in front of Haske.

Views from the Haske House.

Aleix Aguilar, a rad human being.

I remember we were hungry and lunch seemed to never arrive...
Bossman Gepe with the Haske jacket.

Javi cruising around Masnou.

Pol Aceña.

Pol showing Damia Araujo a photo of Lewis Crampton.

Javi will almost never eat when we go ride, you can figure out Dani's opinion on that.

Haske having dinner in Masnou, when we finished we headed towards the car and the gnarliest storm I have ever witnessed dropped down on us.

All of us except Pol (thanks to Claudia for the picture).

All shots were done on a Leica R4 and are the courtesy of Iñaki Gil.

Intro by David Tiefenthaler, descriptions by Iñaki Gil.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The mishmash of consciousness

The hectic world in which we live seems to never slow down and so do our imagination,  in fact it's far less stressful than the first point and it allows you to think in ways you've probably  never expected yourself to. 

Just to say that lack of new griptape-designs doesn't necessarily mean that we slowed down, we just take our time, enjoying each aspect of the process like true gourmets. Now, what came of it recently is a idea of making a small amount of very limited designs - one of a kind pieces. That doesn't mean that we consider our work somehow superior to others. We just want the grips to be fresh, authentic and each having its own little story behind it. 

The molecule man  - first one of those made for friend of mine-Adrian

From now on, there will be very new pieces posted on our blog every now and then, hopefully available for international shipping for no more than10bucks. So you'd better stay tuned.