Friday, September 19, 2014

Mixing up the medicine

Countless are the diseases photography is able to heal, it is a true soul medicine. This time I mixed various films, places and cameras to make some kind of cocktail with only the best ingredients. It should give you joy while consuming it and leave you with some stoke so you will load your cam with film, go out and capture whats happening out there.

Places featured: Croatia (Zagreb, the island Vis, Split, Metković), the Czech Republic (mainly Prague), Ljubljana and Vienna. 

Films featured: Kodak Gold, Ilford HP5, Lomo Redscale XR

Waking up in the croatian nowhere after missing some stops on the night bus...
...can enrich your life. These old people got up early for their first coffee.
The antique inner city of Split, Croatia.
Vis is the place where Yugoslavia still seems kinda alive. 
George warming up on Stalin Plaza.
The truth is out there, eh?
Gapping over some waves in VIE.
On the border between Austria and the Czech Republic, there is noman's land
Late summer sun/Ljubljana
The crew in Prague. 
The empty streets of Komiža, Vis.
Twobeers trying to reach new heights.

photos and text: David Tiefenthaler