Wednesday, March 18, 2015

black/white life

The winter months are over, the grass is getting greener and the days are becoming longer. Longer days mean more light, more light to shine through your lens and hit your film. The past months I photographed less and took a step back, to shoot less films and carefully select the moments when pressing the release of the camera. 

This is the first branch of photos that were entirely processed in my own darkroom. The first few are shot on a grainy 3200 ISO film, the rest is shot on Ilford HP5, a standard 400 ISO film. Since I spent the winter in Vienna, most of the pictures are from there. The rare occasions when we got down to sesh, also in Bratislava, were well documented: scroll dooooown!

night crawl in vienna's centre

weidlingbachtal near vienna

greasy picnic table fun with twobeers

from right to left: max, willi, lukas, jan, toby

slovakian still life with juraj in bratislava

the infinity of sound

albarner hafen, vienna

es lebe der zentralfriedhof!

the flying juraj

bs boardslide

manual trough the night - vienna

wallriding bratislava's opera house 
spoff love (hate)

suburbian ruins

snow is making the city a more quiet, intimate place

people are strange

where the photos come to life