Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Balkan Experience

After being lazy for the last few weeks, I finally made my first post for Alchemyst.
Some weeks ago I made a trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia, where David used to live for a year, and it was a pretty sick experience. After we shredded Ljubljana for a day we took the train Zagreb in Croatia to meet Goran, Croatia's OG and the few riders down there.
Since I have never been in Slovenia or Croatia I really enjoyed the culture and spirit of the Balkan, everyone is friendly and the beer tastes pretty good too!!
Here are some unreleased photos of me and David:


how you feel after a night in the train
David frontboardin' as always

cruising through zagreb's nightlife
Judo Plant on a wall in Zagreb's finest DIY bowl

photos: David Tiefenthaler, Tobias Mayer
text: Tobias Mayer

Friday, October 24, 2014

ol' flickzz

i had these developed a while ago, they include barcelona seshs and a trip to madrid this summer


damia araujo fs lipslide, legazi

aleix aguilar in madrid, early morning

dani cardona

max, macba

yago wallride to fakie

ruben crashed into dani the day before

this place was europe's biggest whore house

sote king

damia and yago, madrid

madrid heat fucks with da minddd

aleix, madrid street jam

legazpi madrid sesh

damia and sote

justin's place, madrid

aleix, justin, damia, yago & dani
haske house

rooftop in paral.lel

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

's gone

    With weather being shit those days you have to admit that all day summer seshing is over. And it will be gone for some time. Now on, you will be cruising only in the darkness.
    But before then, there's a brief reminder of what the summer was like. Beginning of the July- Coburg - good times!

The video goin with it is here.

photos & text: Juraj Klas